Surgical Techniques/Films

This film clip shows a synthetic aortic prosthesis being fitted. 

The existing aorta (the body’s main artery) is being replaced with a synthetic aortic prosthesis in a Bentall operation, an open-heart procedure, after an aortic aneurysm (a burst blood vessel).

On the left of the frame, you can see that the ’old’ aorta has been removed, and you are looking straight into the left chamber of the heart (the ventricle). After the prosthesis has been fitted, two holes are burnt in at the front and back, at the spot where the coronary blood vessels (the coronary arteries), which supply blood to the heart will be re-attached (photo on the right). The tube at the top right is a section of the heart-lung machine, which by pumping the blood out of the heart enables easier access for the surgeons who are operating. When finished, the patient’s own blood is pumped back into the heart, which is brought back up to body temperature. The heart then spontaneously starts beating again. The human body is quite an incredible machine...isn’t it?

Photography and film were provided by John Derwall (D&L Graphics), courtesy of University Hospital, Leuven.

Stereo photography example. (View with red-green stereo glasses).

Stereo photography is performed using a high-quality stereocamera, fitted with a specially-adjusted stereo lens. The photographs are then edited using a special program, making it possible to perceive the ‘depth’ in an image (or a great deal of it), with the help of special red-green glasses (see the link in the sidebar on the right). If required, we can also arrange for one of these images to be printed on the cover of your dissertation. Ph.D. success guaranteed!

If you'd like, you can apply for photography/filming of your operating procedures (techniques). We can give you an appropriate price quotation. Our photographer is highly familiar with surgical procedures and the sterile techniques demanded in a surgical environment.