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Anaesthesia posters showing local nerve blocks in the Plexus/Lumbalus region.

An absolute must for every Anaesthesia Department. A teaching manual showing precisely the correct implementation of local anaesthetics. Posters for display in the A&E and Prep. Departments that are always handy for reference purposes.

This set of posters (4 in total) was produced for Philips Healthcare America, LIOF, Catharina Hospital, Maastricht MUMC+ Dr. A. Lataster, diverse medical professionals at home and abroad, and was designed and illustrated by D&L Graphics.

You can obtain this unique poster set by e-mailing:

The size is 74 x 118 cm per poster.

As shown in the image below, posters of both Plexi Brachiales (the left and the right) are now available.

We are currently making additions to the plexus lumbalis posters and the updated versions will be available soon.

Smaller sized posters:

Poster sprinter

We provide a wide variety of poster presentations for the Atrium Medical Centre, Heerlen.

Here is an example of the latest style of surgical posters: earlier posters can still be ordered.

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