On the next page you can find a selection of posters we’ve made for our previous customers. These posters can be ordered if you’d like a copy.

If you prefer, you can compose an entirely new poster from the artwork available on this site. We can print them for you.

Give an original gift!

You can now have your valued illustrations made into souvenir tiles. Many Ph.D. students are already using their images on mugs, mouse mats, calendars and even fruit bowls as a thank-you gift for their supervisors.

All you have to do is decide the size and number of plaques or tiles you want. The tiles are decorated using oven-set pigments (rather than screen-printed). This means the images we put on them are resistant to abrasion and scratching, so they can even be applied to floor tiles. The quality is excellent. In addition to tiles, you can also have the images printed on calendars, mugs, almost anything up to a scale of 33 cm can be used. Even housebricks can be decorated in full colour!

Ask for our terms, conditions and prices.

The example below is a 60 x 200 cm: pencil sketch, J.Derwall