Surgical photography

If required, we can undertake photographic work or film any special surgical procedure you would like to record. We are familiar with the surgical environment, and sensitive to the need to preserve a sterile environment during recording.

Recently, we’ve added stereo photography to our portfolio (which requires red/green glasses to observe depth-of-field effects).

We’ve already conducted surgical photography for a number of medical institutions, which have all been impressed by our care and commitment.

University Hospital, Leuven:

We’ve recorded 7 major paediatric heart operations at Leuven, to the professional satisfaction of the staff. The operations concerned HLHS, or Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. In such children, there is no (or barely any) space left to pump the blood around the body, so they become moribund in a matter of days if this isn’t corrected. They undergo 4 to 5 operations to improve this / remain alive: the Norwood operation (Photo 1), the Glenn operation, the Fontan operation 1x on the left and 1x on the right hypoplasia, and the Fenestration operation. With the exception of the latter, all these procedures have been filmed or photographed by us. Nowadays, these procedures offer a survival rate of 1 in 3 children. A mere thirty years ago, not one of them would have survived because these techniques had not been developed.

We have also taken photographs and shot footage of a Bentall procedure (shown on the following page). We have archived an ‘Octopussy’ operation as well. In this, the heart is stopped whilst the coronary vessels (arteries) are replaced. In addition, some of the Ventricular Septal Defect operations (Photo 2) in which the septum is faulty (a hole exists in the septum) have also been recorded.

We performed some of these operations and revisions - wrist joints and prosthetics for wrist joints - at Dordrecht Hospital on behalf of Biomet Netherlands bv. (See next page)

On behalf of the Atrium Medical Centre in Heerlen, we have documented a number of brachial plexus reconstruction operations in children with brachial-avulsions or ruptures. These micro-neurological procedures bring great relief those who are operated on, because normal functionality is restored as a result, which can have a (strong) positive influence on their daily activities. (See photograph and drawing below, which illustrate the defect before and after the reconstruction)

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