Manuals come in many shapes and formats. At D&L, we handle all of them – guides, surgical lists, brochures for new prosthetics, surgical-photographic books, medical textbooks on any theme, and the reports from Conferences on the same topics.

A good example of what we can achieve for you is the procedure we produced for the Bridging Nail . This unique prosthesis was conceived by Dr. A. Verburg, Orthopaedics Specialist at the Orbis Medical Centre, Sittard. When a hip implant has been broken in a fall (or by a pathological break), this prosthesis allows a repair to be made via an entry site near the knee. The name Bridging Nail is very appropriate, as it forms part of a minimally invasive treatment, which is a huge advantage for the patient.

Successful use of the Bridging Nail requires the use of specific techniques. Consequently, D&L Graphics has been commissioned by Dr Verburg to draw an illustrated operating procedure manual.

Illustrations for Bridging Nail : the drawings were first made in pencil, after which they were processed using Adobe Illustrator ®. The first two are not photographs, but drawings.