Innovative and educational ‘Nerve Block’ posters

Collaboration between LIOF, Score Consultancy, D&L Graphics and the Multi-Disciplinary Hospital of Genk:

Transcent Programme 2008

Recently, D&L Graphics was given the opportunity of participating in the Grant Programme run by LIOF, called Transcent. The grant is awarded to businesses to help them develop innovative technologies in the service of science. The D & L Graphics project involves developing the complicated technologies that are needed to replace overall general anaesthesia with successful local anaesthetic procedures. During this project, D&L Graphics has collaborated closely with a number of prominent specialists, businesses and hospitals, who have pulled out all the stops to provide input and signposts for achieving safe local anaesthetic protocols, which at present carry a high risk, particularly in the neck and underarm regions, as well as peripherally in the pelvic and knee areas..
The project will lead to the production of a number of products, for immediate use in all hospital and clinical settings where anaesthesia is used. The impact of these products will be felt immediately, from both a practitioner and patient’s perspective, and will be profitable in economic and commercial terms, in addition to the helping to increase knowledge.

The set of four posters, size 74 x 118 cm, are produced (see example), available only through D&L Graphics (Copyright: D&L Graphics) or distributors selected by us, from which all the various approaches to Nerve Blocks will be summarised in the form of easy to consult diagrams. A set of smaller posters will also be produced, in which muscle innervations will be beautifully demonstrated. All these posters can be ordered in advance with just a small deposit and will give a detailed insight into the movements for each area.

There will be international publications on the subject, to contribute to the knowledge and expertise in this field, which will hopefully improve the level of international care, with a capital C!

The end-products will then be converted into a digital format and integrated into the High-End Ultrasound equipment of Philips Health Care (Netherlands and America). Negotiations are in currently under way.


Liof, Dr. Raymond Schoffelen
Score Consultancy, Dr. Nick Sassen

Prof. Dr. André van Zundert, Anaesthesiologist in Eindhoven (Sponsor)
D&L Graphics, with 2- and 3D illustration displays. Design & DTP, MRI-imaging operation and analysis.
Prof. Dr. Erik Korsten, Anaesthesiologist in Eindhoven,
Prof. Dr. Admir Hadzic, Anaesthesiologist in New York
Dr. Jan van Zundert, Anaesthesiologist, Genk Multi-Disciplinary Hospital

Orbis Medic and Healthcare, Maasland Hospital, Sittard
Medical Imaging, Sittard: Dr. Tom de Jaegere, Dr. Kurt Vanderdood
Anaesthetics Sittard: Dr. Vincent van Dongen, Dr. Jan van de Wetering

University of Maastricht:
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Anatomy & Embryology Group, Dr. Arno Lataster, Deputy Head of the Department of Anatomy & Biology.

Philips Health Care, Netherlands, Dr.Volkert Wagenaar, Ultrasound Sales Manager, Netherlands
Philips Health Care America, Ms. Toni Burkett

If you have any (substantive) questions about this project, or are interested in obtaining copies of the poster set, please contact D&L Graphics. Prices are available on request. Discounts may be available for larger orders.

The poster set is temporarily unavailable due to demand, but will soon be back on the market. We’ll keep you posted, so you can view them on the website or place an order.

The DVD, created by Liof with sponsorship by Transcent, can be ordered from Liof via
Dr. Raymond Schoffelen, tel: 043 3280 280

We’d like to thank everyone involved for their efforts to date, both for their cooperation in making this project a success and for the new developments that have emerged from it.

John Derwall
Eric Lemmens

D&L graphics.