Artwork is personal and subjective. Everyone has a different opinion on a work of art. Medical illustrations, however, are produced for a different and specific reason. They are not intended to hang on a wall, but exist solely to impart information and must therefore make clear what they are supposed to convey. They must leave out what is irrelevant - at the same time, however, they must still look perfectly ‘natural’, whilst remaining pleasing to the eye.

At D&L Graphics, we use a wide range of mediums and styles to suit the needs of most clients, but we’re particularly careful not to overdo things. In the following pages, you can view some of our artwork, and gain an impression of our wide-ranging content and style. If you have any artwork requirements, whatever their intended end-use, please feel free to contact us to discuss them. Most of the artwork on display here is for sale, apart from those works for which the customer has reserved exclusive copyright. Copyright will also be an option open to you if you don’t want other people to be able to make use of your drawings – we can advise you on this too.

You can use our no-obligation form to get a quote for a drawing or set of drawings.

At D&L Graphics, John Derwall provides these illustrations 2D and 3D and animations, most of which are drawn by hand, while the rest are produced with the help of a computer.

In this example, we demonstrate how we combine clip art with advanced illustration techniques. The artificial hip joint and the instrument are both 3D-reconstructions.