Dissertations are often described as a necessary evil. Ph.D. students think they involve a tremendous amount of work that’s of little real benefit. However, in the latter respect, nothing could be further from the truth!


A well-presented dissertation is your business card for the rest of your life. You not only enrich your field when you share it with your fellow medics. Apart from its content, we believe that a strong thesis has a characteristic look and feel. Take a look at the testimonial we received from one of our previous clients.

This aspect is something D&L Graphics takes very seriously. We see dissertations as the jewel in the crown of any doctorate, and we can make a real contribution by ensuring it is translated into a style that perfectly conveys the essence of its topic.
Many people have already found their way to us; most have been impressed by our commitment, and been highly complimentary and appreciative. Thanks to all the new Ph.D. students who are using our services, our expertise in this area has now reached an unrivalled level of quality. Thanks everyone!

Do you know anyone who has yet to submit their dissertation? Feel free to send this link to new Ph.D. students. Everyone benefits, you, us and our potential customer. http://www.dlgraphics.nl/nl/portfolio/proefschriften/

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Appearance of a Thesis:

Top: the front and back of the thesis with an additional flap. Bottom: the inside of the cover with, on the right side, the text to be printed on the front of the flap. The thesis is finished with mat laminate in combination with spot UV varnish as a finishing touch.

In contrast to the average manuscript (with no disrespect intended!), you can see and feel the quality of our dissertations! We use techniques such as intaglio and punching shapes, depending on the agreed design. The emphasis is on fully exploiting subtleties in the combination of elements that we have. To see how we set about creating this thesis, watch this documentary, broadcast by RNN in Rotterdam:

We invite you to come and visit us at our office to discuss, in detail, what we can do for you. We’ve even got the coffee ready and waiting!

The D&L graphics team

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