3D-Rendering and 3D-Solutions

Contact us for new innovations in 3D-imaging, if your needs lie at the section or slice level, or the generation of 3D models based on patients’ CT and MRI images.

Images generated in this way can be put to a variety of end-uses. They are ideally suited for generating materials for teaching, publication or presentation purposes. If you need a hard model of your CT data, for example, a skull or knee, to use for fitting a prosthesis, we can arrange both the 3D printing and the subsequent manufacture.

There are also possibilities for transforming your data into vectors for use in specific applications, in which the images can be viewed in stereo using a forced feedback technique.

Feel free to ask about what we can achieve.

3D model rendering

We can edit your data using special software that focuses only on the data you want to visualise. Regardless of whether you use a lung- or soft-tissue setting. The possibilities are endless. One of the necessary conditions for CT or MRI data is that it must have been obtained at high enough resolution and contain thin slices of 1-1 or 2-2 mm.

Unsure if your data meet the necessary criteria? Just send a small sample to the e-mail address below and we will check whether the quality is high enough. There is no charge for this service.

Request terms and conditions.

Send proofs to: info@dlgraphics.nl