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We’re often asked (by non-professionals and professionals alike), why it’s necessary to create artworks of, for example, surgical procedures at all, when a basic photograph should be sufficient. In these pages, we hope to give you an idea of why the input a technical & medical illustrator provides can be crucial. Look at the pictures and judge for yourself!

From the Ph.D. dissertation of Peter A.M. Everts, entitled

Autologous Platelet-Leukocyte Enriched Gel • Basics and Efficacy

A good medical illustrator is actually a ‘storyteller’. The phrase “a picture paints a thousand words" still applies; but in this context, is there anything you really enjoy to see inside the human body? Anything unimportant can be left out or tucked away in the background. In a photograph, there are simply too many distractions that 'overload’ the details you are trying to highlight. Poor lighting, blood or other physiological structures that are completely irrelevant, annoying reflections or areas that are in shadow. In short, a range of factors can blur a photograph and give a totally misleading image.

“It is the responsibility of a medical illustrator to highlight the main points, separate them from the ancillary in a didactically and anatomically sound manner, in order to create an enhanced perspective for the viewer".

John Derwall, Technical & Medical Illustrator

D&L Graphics