Links & Affiliates

To create a distinctive profile for ourselves in this new area, we have formed collaboration with several highly renowned companies, each of whom we know can guarantee the quality that we aim for ourselves.

By joining forces in this way, we are confident we can fulfil even the most rigorous of quality requirements.

Drukkerij Schrijen Lippertz

Drukkerij Schrijen Lippertz Huntjens has been innovators in the printing world for several years now.
They are at the forefront of this field, and have a long tradition of pushing back the frontiers.


For Project ARTUS, a Virtual Operating Environment, D & L Graphics are collaborating with the following partners:

• Virtual Proteins,
• azM - Surgery
• Medical Field Lab | Clinicians for innovation,
• UM - Anatomy & Embryology; Institute of Education,
• Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven - urology,
• HemoLab,
• GBO Design-Engineering,
• Technical University of Delft - Biomedical Technologies,

Feret Blood Management

(Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven)

Biomet Netherlands / International

D&L Graphics and Biomet have joined together to produce medical illustrations as well as product development and user manuals. In addition, the surgical procedures, drawings and films produced by D & L Graphics have been translated into organized educational and teaching materials.

Visit the website of Biomet Netherlands B.V.

Boehringer Ingelheim bv

(Pharmaceutical industry)

Medtronic Netherlands bv